an image Looking up at tree from below on Coppertree Counseling websiteThe Art of Relapse Prevention™ is a unique five-step process to help individuals develop an awareness of themselves, gain tools to manage stress, and increase their coping skills through life.

With over 40 years of combined experience in the addiction field, my associate, Stephen Thompson, and I offer a complete program. This program addresses the medical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual components in the realm of addiction. It then teaches a detailed, yet simple, five-step process that can be used on a daily basis to prevent relapse.

To learn more about the Art of Relapse Prevention Program, you can:Print

• Take the online course from the comfort of your own home

• Participate in a one- or two-day workshop

• Learn to implement this program into your private practice

• Do individual or group work with me directly or on Skype

Continuing education hours are available for therapists interested in this program.

The Art of Relapse Prevention Videos are available in the following ways:

Art of Relapse Prevention Course