Testimonial #1

“My husband and I began seeing Grier when we were both struggling with stress and unhappiness. We began seeing him individually. Grier taught us invaluable and practical tools for connecting with our higher selves, such as tapping, meditation, stress relief, and general mindfulness. He also taught us how to use these tools when we really needed them, and how to become increasingly mindful of our own stress and unhappiness triggers. Grier’s compassionate counseling and the practical tools that he taught us—and supported us in using—have been transformative in our lives. Our marriage is infinitely happier and richer, and we each understand and love one another and, very importantly, ourselves, so much more. I don’t know where we would be right now if we hadn’t found Grier.”

—SS, Educator, Portland, Oregon

Testimonial #2

“Finding the solution to life’s toughest problems often require going beyond the obvious. I had a problem that could not be corrected by prescription medications, education, knowledge, or traditional counseling. It was time for me look at the problem from a different perspective; it was time to see Grier. Certainly he is a great counselor, knows extensive counseling styles, and even knows about prescription medications – and that is tremendously helpful. However, what makes Grier truly unique is his ability to go far beyond these basics. Grier explores the depth of human experience, helped me gain understanding and wisdom that goes far beyond the limits of our simple human thoughts and emotions. I am no longer consumed or overwhelmed by the details of life. I am now free to fully enjoy the moment and the wonderful, playful, silly game of life. For this, I am forever grateful to Grier.”

—Physician, Portland Oregon

Testimonial #3

“I worked with Grier Cundill for several years. As an addict, I had been looking for traditional help and had achieved only brief periods of abstinence. What an incredibly difficult condition this is! Intellectually, I knew what my ‘problem’ was, had read countless journals, and understood the academics behind compulsive addictive behaviors. I did not, however, have the slightest notion regarding the piece our consciousness plays in formation and control of this unmanageable beast. Meeting Grier was the pivotal moment in my letting go of a purely academic understanding of this disease and accepting subconscious involvement in its perpetuation. Grier taught me methods of meditative practice that, over time and repetition, enabled me to self-soothe and distance myself from previously overwhelming compulsions. Through his relapse prevention treatment, I was finally able to recognize the cues that led to lapses in sobriety. In short, through association with Grier, I have been able to incorporate the pieces of conventional addictive treatment that resonate personally with a deep understanding and connection to my own consciousness; enabling me to anticipate and recognize my ‘stuff’, and remain clean and sober for several years. Thank you, Grier.”

—Pat Hughes, R.N.C., Graduate student in addiction counseling

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“Grier’s support helped me stay sober and feel supported during an extremely difficult time in my life. Grier provided a safe environment to face what I was going through. He taught me how to live more consciously, so that instead of feeling overwhelmed by depression or fear, I became willing to learn their source. I learned new tools for coping. I learned how to forgive myself and accept myself. I don’t think I would have stayed sober through this past year without Grier. I have tried to find the words to say what his help truly means to me, but I always fall short. Except to say that I am sober, I have peace, and I am grateful for my life today – and Grier was instrumental in helping me get to this place.”

—D., AA member

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 “I am very happy to report that my one session with Grier resulted in a change in my beliefs that enabled me to interact more positively with family members. He listened to my concerns, focused on what was really in the way of what I wanted, and taught me to tap with the words that were congruent with the way I was feeling. We changed my beliefs and feelings. It’s all good.”

—Carol Kleps, Educator (retired)

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“I appreciate immensely your strong and clear way of helping others to connect with the “not so available” emotions that may be lingering within. I feel there is extreme value in your work and in the way you offer it to the world. Thank you for dedicating yourself to the uplifting of all life!”

—Mimi Near, Personal Transcendence: the next logical step in energetic healing.

Testimonial #7

“I am a recovering physician addict. I was obliged to enter treatment in 1989. I did as I was told and I enjoyed some of the promises. Since then, I have seen scores of people in and out of recovery. Some of them got it. When I met Grier and understood his approaches and applied his five steps, I got it. Therapy became the high point of my week. I drove across the state on my day off every week for years. ”

- L. Lee McCullough, MD

Testimonial #8

“I have had the pleasure of teaching with Grier and found his style to be informative, warm, and humorous. He has many years of professional experience in the addictions field, and also many years of personal recovery. His approach to relapse prevention is provocative and creative including a blend of traditional recovery concepts, energy psychology, and metaphysical philosophy. He reports remarkable success with clients who have experienced his addiction treatment model.


Mary Hammond

Licensed Professional Counselor

Diplomate Comprehensive

Energy Psychology

Author: Living Your Soul’s Purpose:

Wellness and Passion with Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine

Testimonial #9

“Grier has played an integral part in my recovery, especially because I was a chronic relapser. When I first saw him lecture on relapse prevention, his focus on a pychospiritual side to addiction recovery–a vision that had an actual paradigm and tools–got my attention. I joined his group and found out I was not ready yet. Grier never gave up on me but also spoke the truth when I most needed to hear it. He welcomed me back in when it was my time, and I will always appreciate the holistic sense of balance I got when we addicts all shared and worked together.


Anthony, Portland, Oregon”